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“Wir sind begeistert über die schnelle Bearbeitung und die Qualität, die geliefert wurde”
Steven Vanslambrouck, Art director
"Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der großen Flexibilität von GO! Grafi Offshore. Außerdem waren wir positiv überrascht dass GO! Grafi Offshore sehr gut mitdachte und eigene Vorschläge zu Problemlösungen einbrachte. Zudem gefiel uns die Projektkommunikation ausgezeichnet."
Kees Bonting
"Fantastisch, dass GO! Grafi Offshore so schnell liefert!”
Marian Kappers, webmarketeer
"Es war ein großer Erfolg. Sehr viele Händler waren dort und haben das Spiel gespielt. Die Reaktionen waren äußerst positiv!“
Rosalie Buijel

Clipping and Masking

Top quality clipping and masking services

The clipping of an image means that you separate the person, animal or object from its background. When the person, animal or object has been clipped, you can place it against any background you wish for. Clipped images look professional and attractive. GO! Grafi offshore offers excellent clipping, masking and image editing services. In 2005 we started our clipping service. Since then, we have grown out to be a successful, international organisation with a large amount of satisfied clients.

Fast and professional image clipping and masking

Clipping and masking of images (or removing the background) is not very complicated to do, but it is a job that needs to be done very precisely. This makes it a time consuming job. Especially when you need to clip and mask a large amount of images, or when the images you process contain a high level of detail. Clipping a woman with a lot of curly hair is more time consuming than clipping a can of milk. Our Image Studio professionally processes a large amount of different images on a daily base. Fast and professional!

Large studio, fast delivery

You need clipped images on a regular base? Are you looking for a company that can professionally clip and mask your images? You are more  than welcome to use our clipping and masking service. When clipping images we work with handmade paths and masks, according to the standards of the graphical industry. We work fast, professional and very accurate! Even the finest hairs are not overlooked. Our graphical experts work with the newest graphical software and are trained on a regular base. We deliver all different types of image editing services: clipping with path and / or mask, retouch, recolor, etc.

High quality

You make demands on high quality? Stop searching. You’ve found us! Our Image Studio processes large amounts of images on a daily base. We are very good in clipping and masking highly detailed images, like persons, bicycles, hairy aimals or plants. Also the processing of high resolution images for print is our speciality. We can be short about the quality we deliver: it is very high!

Attractive pricing

Our hourly rate for image clipping and masking services is € 24,50. For more information, please check out our pricing page.

Free trial

We’d be happy to convince you of the high quality image editing services we deliver. Therefore, we offer you to process up to 3 images for free.

Clients we serve

Our clients are (amongst others):

  • Advertising agencies and creative studios
  • A-brands in fashion and retail
  • Photograhers and photo studios
  • Publishing companies
  • Art directors and designers
  • Webshops

More information?

Please contact us at +31 (0)168-476 144 or ask for a quotation.

Some examples:

Clipping images with path


Clipping of images for Studio 100


Clipping for Alpak Shopservices


Remove  the background for Boodschapp


Clipping and masking


Clipping of clothes


Clipping for Hoxyheads


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DTP Services

Experienced designers

Our designers have a lot of experience in the (grid-based) lay-out of brochures, magazines, books, catalogus, etc. We are experienced in creating interactive PDF brochures and iPad magazines, in combination with HTML5. For both simple and complex DTP work you can rely on our graphical experts. We follow the latest trends and work with the latest versions of Adobe packages.

Grid based design

When designing catalogues, hand books or extensive brochures, you have a lot to gain by integrating grid based design into your working process. We have a lot of experience in working with grid based design. We transform the design you deliver into a template or a grid, that efficiently can be multiplied to a large number of pages.

Efficient process flow

The power of our DTP studio is that it seamlessly can be integrated into your internal processes. Even though we’re not based in your company building, you will experience us as you own internal DTP studio.

Attractive pricing

Our hourly rate for DTP services is € 29,50. We calculate 15% of the total amount of production hours as project management.

We can realise the design of:

    • Magazines, newsletters, catalogues, brochures
    • Books, newpapers, advertisements
    • Packaging and CD, DVD and Blu-ray covers
    • Cartographical maps
    • Drawings, illustrations and (instruction) manuals

Some examples

Below you find some examples of DTP projects we realised:

More information?

Please contact us at +31 (0)168-476 144 or ask for a quotation.

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The power of HTML5

HTML5 offers great opportunities for making fantastic presentations, animations, games, banners, explanimations, digital magazines e-learning applications. With integrated sound and video, selection option, animations, mouse-over effects, etc. Our HTML5 experts are ready to make state-of-the-art HTML5 products for you.

Educational applications

The use of interactive digital learning materials is ever growing. Our studio creates attractive digital learning tools, applications and games in HTML5. We have developed HTML5 products for multiple Dutch and Belgian publishing companies. At www.bingelsite.be you can read how over 100.000 Belgian primary school students make their homework online by doing exercises and playing games in an HTML5 application. A project that we realised, together with the Belgian publishing company Uitgeverij Van In (a Sanoma company).

High level of quality

We have extended graphical expertise and can work cross medial easily. We can meet the high quality standards our professional principals in the advertising, media, publishing and automotive business. Besides, we offer our principals a high level of flexibility and speed in delivery.

Attractive pricing

Our hourly rate for HTML5 services is € 34,50. We calculate 15% of the total amount of production hours as project management.

Some examples

Below you find some examples of HTML5 projects we realised:
HTML5 magazines for Saturn
Online homework platform Bingel
Flashy banner campaign for Eurail.com
Digibooks for Uitgeverij Van In
Schinkelbus animation

More information?

Please contact Lars van Dijkman at +31 (0)168-476 144 or ask for a quotation.


Saturn HTML5 magazine Swipe & Touch


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